Our cushions come with variety of fillings: medium density foam wrapped in fibre for added comfort, soft silicone fibre as well as feather.. With general use of your sofa, the fibres will start to settle, and this can appear that the cushions have lost their shape, please do not worry this is not a fault and you can take precautions to limit this.

Cushions naturally go softer with regular use and over time, so to keep your sofa fresh, we strongly recommend plumping them on a daily basis and regular vacuuming, by carrying out this general care process you will make sure that your cushions keep their shape.

We would suggest the cushion is fully removed from the sofa and placed on a clean surface at floor level, once the cushion has been placed on it’s first edge it should be plumped with reasonable pressure along the length of the edge, the cushion should then be rotated 360 degrees, stopping at each new edge.
Once all edges have been plumped, we would then recommend plumping the top (seat) surface to spread the filling evenly to complete the plumping.
When placed back on the sofa frame the cushion should be restored to its original look.

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