Yes of course - we can definitely help you with this.  We are happy to hold your delivery for up to 3 months free of charge.

If the Sofa is in stock when you place your order, please book a delivery date and then just contact us to suspend the order


If we are advertising a delivery time, then this means that you won't be able to book a delivery date at the checkout.  You can complete your order as normal and then reach out to our team HERE to let us know when you will be ready for delivery, so we can update your order.

If you already have a delivery date booked and your circumstances have now changed, we can still help to hold your delivery.  We just need at least  2 working days notice before your delivery date to arrange this to prevent a re-delivery charge being applied. 


What happens if I'm still not ready for delivery after 3 months?

Unfortunately we do have limited space in our warehouse, so are only able to hold you delivery for up to 3 months.  So we will have to cancel your order and process a refund if you're unable to accept your delivery

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