How much interest will I pay?
Payl8r is rate for risk - the better your credit profile the better your rate. Our rates are typically 1-4% per month. We do have some rates at 5-6% per month, however these are for below-sub prime credit profiles only and are not our main offering.

Is there a minimum loan amount?
£50 as an order.

How much deposit is required?
There is a £0 deposit option, or the customer can put down 10%/20%/30%40% up front on the application should they wish.

Can you deliver to a different delivery address to the application?

Yes. The application form as a ’Ship to this address’ and ’Ship to Another Address’ option on the form. Please note, Payl8r would advise that your terms and conditions on the website/purchase point (i.e. phone) to state the terms of delivery - i.e., what they enter on the website should match what they enter on the

How do I make payments?

This will be a monthly instalment set up as a direct debit on when the application is completed, if you need to change the date of this please contact Payl8r directly 

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